Vol 4, No 3 (2020)

Table of Contents 

Forest Science

  • Original Paper
Utilization  of indigenous tree and shrub species as animal feed resources in south tigray, north Ethiopia, and implication for sustainable livestock production
Tesfay Atsbha and Solomon Wayu 
Pages 594 – 608                                                                                                                https://doi.org/10.26545/ajpr.2020.b00069x

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Seed Technology

  • Review
Crop improvement: a seed priming approach
Kareem. I, Ismail. M.R, Puteh. A.B, Rabileh. M.A, Belewu. M.A, Kareem. S.A, Adekola. O.F, Alasinrin. S.Y, Abdulmaliq. S.Y, Abdulkareem. K. A, Olayinka. B.U, Ayinla. A, Lawal. M.T, Fabiyi. O.A, Ahmed. O and Lawal. O.I  
Pages 609 – 631                                                                                                                https://doi.org/10.26545/ajpr.2020.b00070x

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Soil Sciences

  • Original Paper
Evaluation of physical and chemical properties of soils in selected parts of Yobe State, Nigeria
Monday Usman  
Pages 632 – 638                                                                                                                https://doi.org/10.26545/ajpr.2020.b00071x

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Agricultural Science

  • Original Paper
Preliminary phytochemical screening and proximate analysis of Indigofera tinctoria L. (Uhe) Pod.
Adjeroh, L.A, Nwachukwu, M.O, Nnokwe, J.C, Azorji, J.N, Osinomumu, I.O and Onyebuagu, P.C.  
Pages 639 – 645                                                                                                                https://doi.org/10.26545/ajpr.2020.b00072x

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  • Original Paper
Using ARIMA model for yield forecasting of important pulse crops of Odisha, India
Abhiram Dash and Subrat Kumar Mahapatra  
Pages 646 – 659                                                                                                                https://doi.org/10.26545/ajpr.2020.b00073x

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  • Original Paper
Assessment of boron toxicity and deficiency on biochemical properties of Triticum aestivum
 Danyal Rasheed, Azorji, J.N, Nwachukwu, M.O, Sajjad Ali Wisal, Hina Muslim and Igbokwe, C.M.  
Pages 660 – 667                                                                                                                https://doi.org/10.26545/ajpr.2020.b00074x

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Plant Breeding                      

  • Original Paper
Marker assisted selection for confirming F1 plants for tidal tolerant rice variety development
Mithun Saha, Md. Niuz Morshed Khan, Sujan Kumar Kundu, Md. Monirul Islam, Sabina Yasmin and Imtiaz uddin   
Pages 668 – 678                                                                                                                https://doi.org/10.26545/ajpr.2020.b00075x

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  • Mini Review
Pomegranate Worth in Women’s Health-a review
Mirjalili Seyed Abbas 
Pages 679 – 691                                                                                                                https://doi.org/10.26545/ajpr.2020.b00076x

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  •  Brief Communication
Chemical compounds and health benefits of Tremella, a valued mushroom as both cuisine and medicine in ancient China and modern era
Mohamad Hesam Shahrajabian, Wenli Sun Hong Shen and Qi Cheng 
Pages xxx – xxx                                                                                                                https://doi.org/10.26545/ajpr.2020.b00077x

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  • Original Paper
Comparative Phytochemical and Proximate Evaluation of Leaf Extracts Gongronema latifolium and Ocimum gratissimum
Ekwealor U. Kenneth, Anyanele C. Wisdom, Chukwu C. Doris and Okechwukwu C. Prisca
Pages xxx – xxx                                                                                                                https://doi.org/10.26545/ajpr.2020.b00078x

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