The application of agrometeorological techniques contributes to the agricultural resilience of forage cactus: A review


Hygor K. M. Nunes Alves, Alexandre M. da Rosa F. Jardim, Luciana S. B. de Souza and Thieres G. F. da Silva


The Brazilian semi-arid is an area that has a strong influence on climatic factors and agricultural vulnerability, which govern the availability and supply of fodder. The understanding of the limitations and the alternatives to be adopted, aid in the improvement of the systems of production of fodder and an increase in the benefits of the system. In this review, we sought to address agrometeorological aspects and agronomic techniques aimed at improving resilience in forage cactus production systems under different cropping systems in arid and semi-arid environments through information on the stability of the plant population contributing to reducing the risk environmental degradation and production losses.


Opuntia, Nopalea, Agriculture in Semiarid, Forage Production

Amaz. Jour. of Plant Resear. 2(3): 207-220. September 2018
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